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  • Nic Weber 13:00, 12 July 2010 (EDT):Having defined my columns as they currently exist was useful. It helped to realize what I was missing, what terms I was conflating and what columns were trying to capture too many related but different elements.

To accomplish with datasets : 1. Making New Columns 2. Defining those Columns 3. Soliciting feedback on those columns 4. Doing QA on some of the fields I've already captured 5. Coding the Columns that I've captured well 6. Migrating data to new columns 7. Recapturing data for cells not captured well 8. Run stats

My column definitions are in the comments of the fusion tables: Funders , Journals ,Repositories

  • Nic Weber 17:53, 12 July 2010 (EDT): Google Fusion Tables:

The Good: You can place a note / annotation etc in every cell, column or row. Even better, you can pull the "discussion" down and see who said what when. Love this function. You can also export all of your edits as .csv. This doesn't save your "discussion" but it obviously saves your edited column or rows.

The Bad: Arduous to move new columns around once you create them...and you can only create one new column at a time. Really hard to edit cells in this app as well.