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To Do :

  • Gather Full List of Repositories for Metadata and Policy -- Done
  • Standardize Journal Sharing Fields --Partial
  • Finish Analyzing Journals Policy and extracting data -- HA!
  • Determine theme for Friday Blog post -- Done
  • Email Mentors about contributing to Thursday Blog posts -- Done
  • Clean up and get better workflow for my OWW entries / space -- Done
  • Nic Weber 18:06, 17 June 2010 (EDT): It's been terribly slow going today gathering info for the sharing and citation policy. I've determined that larger publishers like Elsevier, Spring and Wiley Blackwell have a really common policy on data, and it rarely deviates from journal to journal. Tomorrow / tonight my plan is to tackle those publishers outside of this group, and hope to find more promising results.