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This DataONE OpenWetWare site contains informal notes for several research projects funded through DataONE. DataONE is a collaboration among many partner organizations, and is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under a Cooperative Agreement.


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New contributor?

  • Add yourself to the DataONE:People page!
  • Please put the DataONE header at the top of new pages. To do this, make the following the first line of the new page:


  • To upload a file, click on "Upload file" on left menu, then to link to it in wiki text like this: [[Media:filename.pdf]]
    • Remember to only upload things for which there are no copyright restrictions since this site is publicly accessible and open under OpenWetWare:Copyrights. So no article uploads unless it is Open Access freely redistributable or similar.
    • Alternative ways to Upload: [1], [2]
  • Inserting *'''~~~~''': will preface a comment with your name and a timestamp like this

Other useful tips

  • When you have large tables of data, link to publicly-viewable Google Spreadsheets and Google Fusion tables.
  • For Google Spreadsheets and other interm-research projects, please include a README tab that gives context for the project and the preliminary nature of the data. In part, include a paragraph like this, ideally with a link to a relevant project page in OWW and your email address:
NOTE: This data is available in the spirit of Open Notebook Science as part of an ongoing research project.  
The data and calculations here are preliminary and may be misleading, incomplete, or incorrect. 
Please check the project page at for more information, 
and contact us if you have questions or suggestions.
  • For data that is actively being collected and validated, go a step further and add extra context to leave no room for confusion:
WARNING:  Data collection and validation are ongoing.  Right now this dataset is definitely incomplete 
and likely contains errors.
  • Can embed google spreadsheets (and docs and presentations) in OWW pages: instructions here Widget:Google_Spreadsheet
    • Note I think you have to make your Google Spreadsheet Share->Publish as a webpage for it to work
  • Some Direction for 'R' posts-- Heather had some great suggestions for posting Stat work to OWW. As a best practice, stats posts should have the following three elements: 1. A link to the corresponding dataset. 2. A link to the git or (better!) the embedded code (directions below) 3. Any graph or plot your code generates. PDF is probably easiest from R, but png or jpeg is probably much easier for exporting and manipulating for publications. Directions on how to do all three below.
    • It might not be necessary to embed datasets, but provide a link to an openly available copy (as noted above) You can embed google spreadsheets (and docs and presentations) in OWW pages: instructions here Widget:Google_Spreadsheet
    • To Embed Rplots, graphics and other images- The file first has to be in OWW, use the 'upload file' (another handy tool is the Multiple Upload File) to import your image. Your filename will be the reference you use to embed the image. In your wikispace you can embed the image by using Image.MyImageName.png. I found that using 500px was a nice size for images in my daily notes 500px
    • To embed any html simply use the < html> < /html> tags... For Rcode, once you upload to github (or gist) you can select the embed button, retrieve the script and throw it between some html tags (like so) : < html>< script src="http://gist.github .com/487090.js"> < /script>< /html>.
  • Other wiki editing tips here Help
  • Add new tips here as you learn them, to help the next person :)