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Constructs in this study were assembled from parts in the Regisry via standard assembly. All constructs were cloned onto pSB1A2, a high copy plasmid, in MC4100.


Fig.1: Schematic of Promoter Characterization Constructs

Table 1: Promoter Characterization Constructs
Construct Promoter Description
BBa_I6030 R0010 LacI regulated
BBa_I6031 R0011 Hybrid promoter based on lambda pL, repressed by LacI
BBa_I6032 R0040 Hybrid promoter based on cI, repressed by TetR
BBa_I6034 R0050 HK022 cI regulated
BBa_I6036 R0051 Lambda cI regulated
BBa_I6038 R0052 434 cI regulated
BBa_I6040 R0053 p22 cII regulated
BBa_I6042 R0062 lux pR from V.fischeri, activated by HSL-bound LuxR
BBa_I6044 R0063 lux pL from V.fischeri, repressed by HSL-bound LuxR
BBa_I6046 R0065 Hybrid promoter, repressed by lambda cI, activated by HSL-bound LuxR
BBa_I6048 R1050 Standard promoter, repressed by HK022 cI
BBa_I6050 R1051 Standard promoter, repressed by lambda cI
BBa_I6052 R1052 Standard promoter, repressed by 434 cI
BBa_I6054 R1053 Standard promoter, repressed by p22 cII
BBa_I6056 R1062 Standard promoter, activated by HSL-bound LuxR
BBa_I6058 I0500 pBad/AraC, arabinose-inducible promoter