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  • MO (linked also to M2): Investigate the effect of the secondary carbon source on bacteria.
  • M1:
    • Enzyme literature review.
    • IPTG toxicity: Include effects on model and go to wetlab to get OD data
  • M2: Research on modelling we can do. Also related to MO modelling.
  • M3: Review killing model. See if we can find some real data.

Goals for today-

  • Charles and Kun: Implement M3 killing model. Help plan IPTG experiment for next week.

  • Tianyi and Nuri: -Research enzyme kinetics for cellulase and PAH.

- Effect of secondary carbon sources in MO.

Royah Vaezi

  • Gel extract and purify RcsB, OtsA and Dam.
  • Run extracts on gel with vector to determine ratios.
  • Ligate inserts to vector (AK3) and leave over the weekend at 4°C.