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  • Nuri Purswani 14:11, 16 August 2009 (EDT):
  • Modelling directions for M0 and M1
  • Browsing through previous igem modelling pages
  • Meeting with Matthieu 2pm to discuss drylab plan


Assays: Dineka, Kun

Modelling: Nuri

Cloning: James


Assays: Charles

Modelling: Nuri

Cloning: Charles


Assays: Dave (Trehalose), James (Colanic acid)

Modelling: Tianyi

Cloning: Dave (Trehalose), James (Colanic acid)


Assays: Dineka, Kun

Modelling: Dineka, Kun

Cloning: Dineka, Kun

PRIMERS: Royah, James

Royah Vaezi

  • Gel extraction of AK3 vector and B3023.
  • Dephosphorylation of vector and ON ligation to B3023 at 4°C.
  • PCR of RcsB from Top 10 cells. Failed so will try again with different aliquot of Top 10s.
  • ON restriction digests of OtsA, OtsB and Dam.