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Royah Vaezi

  • Completed midi-prep of PAH. Concentration was measured as 4.6ug/ul. Will check this on a gel next week. PAH is now ready for site-directed mutagenesis.
  • Completed restriction digest of AK3 vector. Checked on a gel and extracted the band. Gel extraction and purification will be done next week ready to ligate B32023 (this has already been digested).
  • PCR purified B3023 ready for ligation into the vector.
  • Re-did PCR on OtsB and Dam. Results will be checked on a gel on Monday.
  • Nuri Purswani 14:09, 16 August 2009 (EDT):
  • Modelling directions for M0 and M1
  • Browsing through previous igem modelling pages