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Chemistry L333: Advanced Biochemical Techniques - Spring 2008

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Professor: Dr. Melanie Berkmen


Phone: 617-973-5321

Office: Donahue 513 (but often found in lab Archer 631)

Office Hours: Tues. 12-1(D513), Thurs 3-4pm (A631), Friday 11-12 (A631) or by appointment. You are always welcome.

Reading (prior to class) will be assigned from:
1. “FT”: Farrell & Taylor, Experiments in Biochemistry: A Hands On Approach, 2nd ed., 2006, Thomson Brooks/Cole.
2. “SB”: Stryer, Berg, & Tymoczko, Biochemistry, 6th ed., 2007, WH Freeman & Co..
3. Handouts.
4. Journal articles.

Pre-lab quizzes (given at the beginning of class)
Lab notebook entries (required for all actual labs but not discussions/journal club)
Post-lab problem sets
~5 Lab reports (required for labs 5/6, 7, 8/9, 10-14, 10-18)
Final paper on independent research project

Tentative Grading:
Lab reports 25%
Post lab questions/problems 20%
Pre-lab quizzes 20%
Final paper on independent research project 15%
Laboratory technique, safety, participation, and courtesy 10%
Lab notebook 10%

Absences/Missed Assignments:
Absences due to a health, family, or personal emergency can be made up. In addition, if you know you will be absent due to a professional activity (such as attendance of a scientific conference or interview), please notify the professor as early as possible to schedule a make-up. All other absences cannot be made up, and will result in no-credit for the missed laboratory and the accompanying quizzes and assignments. Late assignments will lose 4 percentage points for each day that they are late.

Please come to lab on time and prepared.

Three GOALS:
A. Acquire skills in basic modern biochemical techniques (1st half of semester): - Pipeting and preparation/sterilization of buffers - DNA/protein purification and electrophoresis - PCR and other biochemical assays
B. Understand the basic process of scientific discovery in the laboratory by development of an independent experimental research project (2nd half of semester) with special focus on experimental design and troubleshooting.
C. You will start as my protégés and end as my colleagues.
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