CHE.496/2008/Schedule/Oral presentations of literature research

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CHE.496: Biological Systems Design Seminar

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Literature research

  • The goal of this is to get us all exposed to a set of interesting systems biology example projects, and give you practice distilling and presenting such material.
  • Post your presentation (including .ppt file and talking notes) by 6pm on Wednesday, February 13 to your project page below so that the instructor can review them beforehand.
  • We’ll have 20 minutes for each presentation. Allow 15 minutes for presentation and 3-5 minutes for questions.


Your presentation should address the following content/questions:

  1. What was the design concept of the engineered biological system?
  2. Describe the key elements of the engineered system (parts and how they work together)
  3. What is the novelty of the designed system?
    1. Design concept?
    2. Are the designed parts particularly novel?
    3. Integration of existing parts?
  4. Which of the following areas did the project impact? How much?
    1. Science. Is it testing out a basic science hypothesis?
    2. Technology. Developing something that could end up as a useful technology?
  5. Optional: Possible impact on the VGEM project. Are there ways the project suggests something to you about a tool or concept that could be used for the summer project? Could the project, or a component of it be a germ of a VGEM project idea? Or the tools be used in the VGEM project?


An effective presentation will have:

  1. Clear slides
  2. Effective presentation style (vocabulary, inflection, gestures, use of pointer)