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Kostov, Y., Harms, P., French,J.A., Soliman, H., Anjanappa,M., Ram,A., Rao G. (2005) Design and Performance of a 24-Station High Throughput Microbioreactor, Wiley InterScience, online


Two prototype 24-unit microbioreactors are presented and reviewed for their relative merits. The first used a standard 24-well plate as the template, while the second consisted of 24-discrete units. Both systems used non-invasive optical sensors to monitor pH and dissolved oxygen. The systems were used to cultivate Escherichia coli. Both designs had their merits and the results obtained are presented. In addition, dissolved oxygen control was demonstrated at the milliliter scale and 24 simultaneously monitored fermentations were successfully carried out. These results demonstrated high quality high throughput bioprocessing and provide important insights into operational parameters at small scale.

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