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Center for Advanced Sensor Technology
Center for Advanced Sensor Technology

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<p> The Center for Advanced Sensor Technology promotes the development of optical based sensors for biomedical, bioprocess, environmental and homeland defense applications. We are a multidisciplinary group of chemists, molecular biologists, electrical engineers and chemical and biochemical engineers. Our main objective is to create innovative sensor technology that is high throughput and low-cost amenable for transfer to industry counterparts. </p>

<strong><center>Core Projects</center></strong> </html>

<html> <strong><p>Biosensors</p></strong>

Multi-metabolite Monitor
<br>Cell-based glucose and glutamine sensors</br>
<br>Nutrient monitoring in bioprocesses</br>
<br>Cell-based oxidative stress sensors</br>
<br>Apoptosis sensing of cancer</br>

<strong><p>High Throughput Bioreactor</p></strong>

<strong><p>Environmental Analysis/Chemical Sensing</p></strong>

<strong><p>Probe Chemistry</p></strong>

<strong><p>Metal Enhanced Fluorescence</p></strong>

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Technology Research Center
Technology Research Center


<strong>Resources</strong> <p>The Center for Advanced Sensor Technology has 2,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space in the Technology Research Center (TRC Building) on the University of Maryland Baltimore County Campus. The facilities include a cold room for protein purification, analytical equipment, spectrophotometers, glucose/lactate/glutamine analyzers, spectrofluorimeters, etc. Cell culture and fermentation equipment includes three 5-liter bioreactors, laminar flow hoods, centrifuges, shakers, incubators, microscopes, etc. Space is available for chemical synthesis including hoods, gas lines, vacuum equipment, etc. Two research grade fluorescence lifetime fluorometers capable of phase-modulation measurements (ISS Model K2) are available for excited state lifetime determinations. In addition a Varian Cary Eclipse spectrofluorimeter is available for steady state measurements. Test bench and electronics and optical assembly area with power meters, oscilloscopes, soldering stations and power supplies are available for prototyping. </p> </body>

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<p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <b>News:</b> <p>April 11, 2007: New CAST logo updated</p> <p>Jan. 17, 2007 fix some minor details and update pages</p> <p>Jan. 10, 2007: chemicals and disposables catalog is updated</p> <p>Jan. 2007: Making improvements to the website!!!</p> <P>Feb. 21, 2008:Members page is updated</p>

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