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Kostov, Y.,Tolosa L., O'Connell K., Anderson P., Liu Y., Van Beek N., Rao G., (2003) Monitoring of DsRed protein concentration in frozen insect larvae. Genetically Engineered and Optical Probes for Biomedical Application. Vol. 4967


A baculovirus expression system was use to produce DsRed fusion protein in insect larvae. As the baculovirus/insect larvae system requires precise harvest timing to achieve high yield of protein, a low-cost miniature all-solid state optical probe was used for detection of the protein concentrations in the frozen larvae. Three batches of infected larvae were monitored at different post-infection times. The calibration curve of the probe was obtained by simultaneous measurements both in laboratory fluorometer and using gel electrophoresis analysis. The results show good correlation between the optical measurements and the standard laboratory technique.

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