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When original chemical batteries were invented by Volta, Italian physicist in 1800, history of batteries started and have been developing.
Even today, we use various types of batteries such as a dry battery or a fuel battery.

In a number of batteries, we are paying attention to a battery to implant a bio fuel battery in living body.
Many battery-powered implantable medical devices were developed for treatments, ranging from neurological disorders to hearing loss.(※1)

In the current study, Cosnier and co-workers, in cooperation with the Cinquin's group, implanted a new bio fuel battery design(※2)into rat.
However, this research is not yet able to implant bio fuel battery into blood vessels, because positioning a battery in a blood vessel requires “hemocompatibility" ,which is more challenging than “biocompatibility” i.e. no rejection or immune response from the body.(※3)

Here we propose to make a new device made of liposome for bio fuel batteries. The device is expected to adapt to human body because liposome have a property of biocompatibility ,which is often used in drug delivery system.

※1,2,3:Serge, C. Alan, L, G. Michael ,H.(2014) Towards glucose biofuel cells implanted in human body for powering artificial