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<img src="/images/4/46/Fitaologo.PNG" alt" alt="" width="422" height="98" hspace="0" align="left">

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    • <a href="fit_Results and Discussion.html#b">DNA modified</a>
    • <a href="fit_Results and Discussion.html#c">樽と人形の結合</a>
    • <a href="fit_Results and Discussion.html#d">樽人形剣</a>
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Structural formula Name Manufacturer Grade
<img alt="" src="/images/2/2c/1.png.gif"/ width="160" height="100" border=""/> Sulfo-NHS DOUJINDO 200mg
<img alt="" src="/images/3/3b/FIT%EF%BC%92.png.gif" width="180" height="90" border=""/> Tetraethyl orthosilicate

(Tetraethoxysilane; TEOS)

Wako 500mg
<img alt="" src="/images/9/98/FIT%EF%BC%93.png.gif" width="180" height="90" border="" /> 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane Wako 25g
<img alt="" src="/images/1/1f/FIT%EF%BC%94.png.png" width="230" height="120" border=""/> 1 - (3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide hydrochloride TGI 5g
<img alt="" src="/images/c/cf/FIT%E3%80%80%EF%BC%95.gif" width="150" height="100" border=""/> N-N-dimethylformamide TGI 200mg
<img alt="" src="/images/0/0a/FIT_6.gif" width="145" height="90" border=""/> Succinic anhydride Wako 25g
<img alt="" src="/images/7/73/FIT_7.gif" width="200" height="70" border=""/> Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide Wako 25g
<img alt="" src="/images/c/c2/FIT_8.gif" width="180" height="90" border=""/> MES DOUJINDO 25g

Table 3
Fluorescent moleculePlaceExcitation wavelengthMaximum fluorescence wavelength

Device name Manufacturer

Model number

Measurement condition Photograph Explanations of equipment
Spectrophotometer HITACHI F-2500 WL Range:

450nm~650nm Scanning Speed: 60nm/min

<img alt="" src="/images/6/6d/FIT_9.png" width="150" height="130" border=""/> This device can see the concentration of the solution, the material characteristics, the structure of the molecule.
SEM KEYENC VE-7800 WL Range:

450nm~650nm Scanning Speed: 60nm/min

<img alt="" src="/images/9/9f/FIT_10.png" width="150" height="130" border=""> It is possible to significantly change the magnification easily. In addition, photography is possible.
Confocal laser scanning microscope


Nikon ECLIPSE-Ti Ar-Laser (488nm)

Garvano mirror scanner

<img alt="" src="/images/8/8e/FIT_11.png" width="150" height="130" border="">It is possible to obtain a high resolution image in focus in the field of view for the entire sample surface with irregularities.

Three-dimensional shape measurement non-destructive, non-contact is possible