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  We create “nano Pop-up Pirate “using by the complementary DNA base-pairing. Pop-up Pirate is a famous Japanese toy. A doll is sitting on the Barrel. Players stab the sword to when player stabs to the specific point, the doll will fly away from a barrel.
 Fluorescence labeled DNA was bound to the porous silica particle, of the barrel. And different fluorescence labeled mismatched DNA who is a doll in bound to the Barrel DNA. When mismatched DNA that is a sward in added, mismatched DNA would be released.
 Two fluorescence reagents are constructed the FRET system, and used in the detection of the states of DNAs. This system is applicable for the Drug Delivery systems .A porous silica is a container .DNA system is a drug release regulation. Free system is a drug release detection.

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