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  Pop-up pirate is a famous Japanese toy. When players stab a "sword" to the specific point on a "barrel", a "doll" pops up from the "barrel". Here we fabricate this toy on nanoscale.We first synthesize the silica particles attached with ssDNA: the “Barrel particle”. We then synthesize "doll particle" attached with complementary ssDNA with partial mismatches. We combine these particles by hybridization to form doll-barrel pairs. If we add completely complementary “sword ssDNA”, the "doll" will be replaced by "sword ssDNA" and will "pop up". We introduce fluorescence molecules on the ssDNAs, so that we can observe the pop-up event by fluorescence microscope and can visualize the sword-barrel hybridization by detecting FRET. Furthermore, we use mesoporous silica as the particle which can containsubstances in the pores. Since the release of the colloid particles and substances are triggered by molecular stimuli, this system will be applicable for DDS etc.



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