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<h1>Our Team</h1>

<div id="group"> <img src="" height="147" width="700" align="center" alt="OhioMOD Love"> </div>


<div id="member1"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Amjad Akif</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u> <font size="3"><i> Chemical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u> <font size="3"><i> 2017</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> In addition to an average ball, I have played soccer using coconuts, grapefruits, pumpkins, and watermelons.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> "By enabling us to design and conduct our own original inquiry, BIOMOD has introduced me to the world of research in a comprehensive way that most other undergraduate opportunities cannot."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="member2"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="right" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Max Armstrong</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u> <font size="3"><i> Mechanical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u><font size="3"> <i> 2015</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I was born with a genetic mutation which makes me invisible in mirrors.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> "I love BIOMOD because it affords me the opportunity to work closely with and to learn from the team. BioMOD has fostered my growth as a scientist, a leader, and an individual."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="member3"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Patrick Kinnunen</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"> <i> Chemical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u><font size="3"> <i> 2016</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> Travelled back in time to introduce the cure to cancer to a group of undergraduates called OhioMOD.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><i><font size="3"> " BIOMOD has been a trial by fire. It's been a lot of work, and occassionally very overwhelming, but I feel that I've learned a great deal for my troubles. I haven't just been assisting in experiments and mixing chemicals. I've had to come up with experiments and procedures - a much more valuable experience."</font size></i><br /> </div>

<div id="member4"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="right" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Chuck Loney</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"> <i> Chemical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u><font size="3"> <i> 2016</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> My elbows are double-jointed.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD is a terrific organization that offers great insight and firsthand experience in what the research world is like and where it is currently heading. One of the many reasons why BIOMOD is a unique research opportunity is that it allows undergraduate students create and run their own experiment that has never been tackled before."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="member5"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Anudeep Lotey</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"> <i> Mechanical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u> <font size="3"><i> 2016</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I had a spider stuck in my eye for over 7 hours!</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD has introduced to me an incredible amount of new stuff that I otherwise would've never known anything about. I made some really good friends who make everything look so enjoyable and awesome. I love everything about this organization."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="member6"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="right" hspace="20" /> <br/><h3><strong>Graham Lyon</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"><i> Mechanical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u><font size="3"><i> 2015</i></font ><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I have been to Australia twice, but have never been to Europe.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> "Working with BIOMODhas given me valuable experience in teamwork and lab procedure. The level of student involvement is incredible, and I feel as if I am a contributor and a major player, as opposed to a simple assistant to a greater project. Developing cell cultures and running gels with my peers - and friends - has been an incredibly enriching experience."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="member7"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Michelle Snow</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u> <font size="3"><i> Chemical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Graduation Year:</u><font size="3"><i> 2016</i></font ><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I was the first women's long jump champion at the Arnold Classic.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMODmean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD has given me a great opportunity to explore the different aspects of research in a field that I have grown to love. It is a very unique experience because students are given a larger amount of independence and responsibility than many other undergraduate opportunities might give."</i></font><br /> </div>

<h2>Graduate Mentors</h2>

<div id="mentor2"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="right" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Randy Patton</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"><i> Mechanical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I rode my bike 7,601 miles last year!</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD is a chance to shape future scientists, to encourage and to mentor them as they grow into aspirational student researchers. It is also an opportunity to explore unique and interesting topics in Biomolecular Design."</i></font><br /> </div>

<div id="mentor1"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/> <br/><h3><strong>Alex Marras</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"><i> Mechanical Engineering</i></font ><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> I rode my bike 7,600 miles last year!</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> "Being a mentor for Ohiomod has been a very rewarding experience. I really enjoy seeing the enthusiastic undergrads dream up their own project and execute it over the course of a few months. Its fascinating to watch them learn these skills and grow as researchers. The Biomod competition is a great place to learn about work being done all around the world and is an outstanding opportunity for our students."</i></font><br /> </div>

<h2>Post-Doctoral Mentor</h2>

<div id="mentor3"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="right" hspace="20"/><br/><h3><strong>Dr. Chris Lucas</strong></h3><br /><u>Major:</u><font size="3"><i> Biomedical Sciences, Immunology</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> My favorite kind of sandwich is squirrel.</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD has been an outstanding learning opportunity for undergraduate students to get involved and excited about DNA Nanotechnology! It also provides graduate students and postdoctoral researchers an invaluable opportunity to mentor an entire group of young scientists that will likely prove to be critical for a successful career in science."</i></font><br /> </div>

<h2>Faculty Mentor</h2> <div id="fmentor"><img src=""height="250" width="333" align="left" hspace="20"/><br/><h3><strong>Dr. Carlos Castro </strong></h3><br /><u>Position:</u><font size="3"><i> Professor of Mechanical Engineering</i></font><br /><u>Fun Fact:</u><font size="3"><i> My 15 month old son has been to 6 different countries on 3 different continents. I am teaching him my favorite hobby, cross-stitching!</i></font><br /> <u>What does BIOMOD mean to you?</u><font size="3"><i> " BIOMOD has been a fun way to get young students excited about bioengineering and biomolecular nanotechnology. And they get to interact with students from different majors, which broadens their learning. It's also been a nice way to recruit high quality undergradaute researchers to my lab!"</i></font><br /> </div>

<A HREF="#top"><img src="" id="fixedbutton"height="40" width="40"></A>

<br><a href="">Edit team</a></br> </div> </html>


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