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Welcome to the OpenWetWare page for Biology 210 at American University! You can learn lots about what OWW is all about by perusing In Biology 210, we will be using our lab notebooks to record data about two separate projects during the semester. Much of your lab work will be performed in groups but you are responsible for maintaining your own lab notebook with your own entries. We realize this technology is new to many of you (for many of us too!). All we ask is that you be patient with us as we learn together. If you find any helpful tutorials or tricks along this journey, please share them with your TA and your fellow students. A good place to start if you are totally new to this is

To access your lab notebook, select 'Lab Members' above, then follow the link to your section and your own lab notebook. Please adhere to our standard of entering data that includes:

  • 1. enter the date and bold it
  • 2. sign your initials at the end of every entry
  • 3. make sure that your most recent post is at the top of the lab notebook page
  • 4. ask questions if something is unclear!

Please read through the OWW Etiquette guidelines at Since everyone has editing access to everything on OWW, your should become familiar with what is and what is not cool. As a first step, make sure that you add a little something about yourself in your user profile.

Let's Begin!