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Lab 1 Diversity of Life at AU Caitlin Denison


Characteristics of Transect:

The transect is located on the south side of campus, near Beegly Building. The area consists of six wooden planting boxes, with dirt separating the boxes and a chicken wire fence surrounding the plot of land. The ground is flat and the soil is dark, with many bits of mulch and leaves mixed in.

Abiotic features:

1. Planting boxes 2. Dirt 3. mulch 4. rocks 5. chicken wire

Biotic features:

1. leafy, green plant 2. grey colored bush 3. leaves 4. weeds 5. small, green bush-like weeds

Table One: Evolutionary Specialization of Members of the Volvocine Lines

Characteristics Chlamydomanas Gonium Volvox Number of Cells 1 5 thousands Colony Size 50μm 25μm 300μm Any functional specializations of the cells Nucleus, organelles, chloroplasts, flagella Nucleus, organelles, cell wall Cilia, chloroplasts Any reproductive specializations (isogamy vs oogamy) isogamy isogamy oogamy