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Notes on Volunteers for WUES Science Night April 14th, 2011

  1. To make it easier for the kids to identify you, please bring along your white coats to wear.
  2. The science night will be at West University Elementary School (3756 University Blvd, Houston TX, 77005) about 2 miles from the med center. There is plenty of parking all around the school.

Click Here for pictures from Science Night 2009

List of UT MS-1 Volunteers

Cihan Kadipasaoglu

I am available for any of the time slots, but the 5-6 or 6-7 slots would be my preference.

Alicia Fuhrman

Please sign me up for the 6-7 or 6:30-7:30 time slot (whichever is needed).

Ivan Chew

interested in volunteering at WUES for the 5-6 pm shift

Megan Land

I can help from 5-6!

Courtney Olsen

I would prefer to come from 5 to 6 but I'm flexible and could come for any of the 3 times.

I wanted to volunteer for the event at West U Elementary from 5:00-6:00

Philip Chu I don't know if you still need any more volunteers, but I'd be glad to help out. I can do any of the times, so you can place me where there is a lack (5-6 will be my default if you have no preference).

Gross, Jacob B <> I was wondering if there are still spaces available to volunteer on April 14th for the 5-6 time slot.

Golla, Vishnukamal <> Ty Terrasso <> Kwan, Melissa Y <> I'd love to help out. Can I sign up for the 6:30-7:30 shift? Thanks!

List of Rice Volunteers

Trishna Narula <> Chethan Claire Mauvais

Meredith Jackson: Jen Zhao: Cyrus Wirls: Zoe Kohl: Megha Thakkar