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Getting your data into RAVE

You can create data in RAVE format by preprocessing your existing raw data. To preprocess data

  1. The general folder structure is RAVE_raw_dir/subject_code/block_number/*.mat.
    1. For instance, /Volumes/data/rave_data/raw/NAA/001/, /Volumes/data/rave_data/raw/NAA/002/ and /Volumes/data/rave_data/raw/NAA/003/ contain the data for blocks 001 through 003 for subject NAA. The RAVE raw dir is located at /Volumes/data/rave_data/raw
  2. RAVE requires one .mat file per electrode. Inside this .mat file is a variable with the EEG voltage data. The name of the variable should be analogTraces
  3. The naming of each channel follows a strict pattern. For example: NAADatafile003_ch1.mat means subject NAA, block 003 (the leading 0 are important) and channel 1.
  4. When you run RAVE pre-process application (rave_preprocess()), the program requires you first input the subject code and project name.
  5. Press Create Subject after inputting the Subject Code and Project Name and the application will create a subject directory in your RAE_data_dir/ProjectName folder and then scan your RAVE_raw_dir to look for available blocks.
  6. The user then selects the blocks that go with the particular experiment (using a multi-selector).
  7. After selecting the blocks, input the electrodes (a range may be specified) and the sampling rate (in Hz, must be the same for all channels across all blocks)
  8. Press the "Import Subject" button to import the raw data into that subject's directory in your RAVE_data_dir/ProjectName.
  9. To summarize: raw data is placed into raw_dir by the user, then RAVE pre-processes the data and places it into data_dir.

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