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R Analysis and Visualization of intracranial EEG Data (RAVE) is a powerful software tool for the analysis of intracranial electroencephalogram (iEEG) data, including data collected using strips and grids (ECoG) and depth electrodes (stereo EEG). Funding provided by NIH 1R24MH117529-01.

Using RAVE on the BCM Cluster

The first step is to request a login ID and password from the BCM Cluster administer. The username will be your BCM username but the password will be different and must be reset. Login to the cluster from a terminal window on your iMac

Load the required modules for RAVE
module load R
module load hdf5
module load fftw
Check what the IP address will be 


eth3     inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

tells you that IP address will start with

Start R and launch RAVE

R -e "rave::init_app(host='')"

this should tell you what IP and port to use, e.g.

 Now listening on X:Y

On your local machine, point your browser to this address


If needed, copy data to the cluster

cd /Volumes/Data/data/rave_data/raw 
cd /projects/camri
put YAB.zup

Before starting R, you can request more resources

qsub -I  -l vmem=200GB

To kill a job, use

qdel <jobid>

Use ps to determine the jobid.

For initial setup, must make the raw directory

mkdir /project/camri/raw
chmod -R 777 /project/camri/raw
mkdir /project/camri/data
chmod -R 777 /project/camri/data

And tell RAVE where they are

rave::rave_options(raw_data_dir = '/project/camri/raw')
rave::rave_options(data_dir = '/project/camri/data')

Launching RAVE on BCM Cluster from OSX

First install XQuartz if not installed

Next, on the local machine, open terminal, type


If nothing returns, run

dispdir=`dirname $DISPLAY`
dispfile=`basename $DISPLAY`
if [ -e $DISPLAY -a "$dispfile" = "org.x:0" ]; then
  mv $DISPLAY $dispnew
export DISPLAY=$dispnew

Then open or create a new file at


Insert/edit the following lines:

Host *
    ForwardAgent yes
    ForwardX11 yes
    XAuthLocation /opt/X11/bin/xauth

Save and exit. Also exit terminal.

Open another terminal, test again


It should print out result similar to


Connect to server

ssh -Y

Test firefox


(TODO write sh script to launch rave in qsub and port forward)