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Name: Bryce Richards
Name: Harrison Puffer
Name: Tamara Gajanovic
Name: Eduardo Luciano Huapaya
Name: Allison Michael
Name: Maitha Alkatheeri


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1
Mean Values:
0mg: 3.384
5mg: 8.932
10mg: 62.622
15mg: 657.941

Standard Deviation
0mg: 1.523010177
5mg: 1.593931547

Standard Error
0mg: 0.481618106
5mg: 0.504045412
10mg: 9.521837451
15mg: 67.33848166

Experiment 2
Mean Values:
0mg: 10.516

10mg: 11.112

Standard Deviation


Standard Error
0mg: 0.995297

10mg: 3.310671


Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1
Initial P Value from ANOVA test: 1.4E-16
The P-Value Was lower than the alpha Value of 0.5, proving a significant statistical difference existed between the data sets.
We ran a Bonferroni Correction with 6 comparisons yielding the following results:
T-Test Results
0mg to 5mg:8.59631E-07
0mg to 10mg:9.94377E-06
0mg to 15mg:1.39436E-08
5mg to 10mg:3.01859E-05
5mg to 15mg:1.57101E-08
10mg to 15mg:6.4824E-08
All these values were lower than the p value given by the ANOVA test, meaning there is a significant difference between each, as noted by the graph.

Experiment 2
T-`test value: 0.867403497
This `t-test value is greater than the alpha value of 0.05, proving that there is no significant statistical difference between the two data groups within the rat study


In both studies, the increase of the LPS dosage does produce a notable increase in inflammation. The data sets differ in that the rat experiment only had two groups from which data was collected while the human experiment had 4 different test groups. Because the human experiment included more test groups and varying levels of dosage, there was a more noticeable difference of averages in the data. The spike in these averages of the Human experiment occurred at the 15 milligram mark, perhaps indicated the dosage target this experiment was looking for. In the rats however, the difference was less noticeable and the data was less conclusive.