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Ahnaf Rahman
Toan Nguyen
Mukund Khanwalker
Aidan Jacobs
Nicholas Pederson
Parker Henderson


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent: Dose of lipopolysaccharide(mg) Dependent: Amount of inflammatory protein(Inflammotin) in blood samples

Experimental Design


Five groups: There is no control because it is already known that the drug, lipopolysaccharide, already works. There is no need to test a placebo. 1. Group that receives 10mg of the drug. 2. Group that receives 8mg of the drug. 3. Group that receives 6mg of the drug. 4. Group that receives 4mg of the drug. 5. Group that receives 2mg of the drug.


Number of subjects per group

30 people per each dosage of the drug.

Total of 150 subjects.

Subject Selection

Subjects would be determined to be in good general health. The subjects must not have any preexisting health problems that could alter the results of the experiment.

The subjects must not be taking any other medications or recreational substances that may affect inflammatory responses.

The subjects must be blood tested beforehand for any blood-borne diseases, such as Hepatitis A, B, C, HIV or AIDS.

Subjects should vary in ethnicity and age of 60 years and above, and are to be selected at random, as long as the above standards are met.

Sources of Error and Bias

Different immune systems (i.e. Bodies respond differently to varied dose levels) Past Medical History (e.g. past illnesses) Patients not following set schedule for consumption of the pill Different time intervals in consumption Present personal well-being Significant age differences Environment (e.g. high stress, humidity, etc.)