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Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable would be how many milligrams of the inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide) is needed to increase inflammotin.

The dependent variable would be how much inflammatory protein (inflammotin) is increased based on the inducing agent.

Experimental Design

We would use two groups of eight people. One group taking the 10 mg of the lipopolysaccharide and the other taking a placebo ( as a control).

The age range will be from 60 and over.

Number of subjects per group
Total number of subjects per group will be eight. Four people in the age range from 60-75 and four from 75 and over. In each age group 2 will be male and female. From each group sex one will be from the a rural area and another from an urban (to check on effects of life style and diet).

Subject Selection

Subjects for this experiment will be healthy individuals, age 60 and older, that have not previously been diagnosed with arthritis or any inflammatory diseases. Subjects with conditions or diseases that may affect the outcome of the study will not be selected.

Sources of Error and Bias

Some potential sources of error could be a different health issue that indirectly affects inflammation. A source of bias could include bringing in only upper-class elderly who would have better access to health-care and therefore be in better health than those without premium health-care.

To control for these soucres of error and bias, the team would survey the patients for any history in prior arthritic conditions and subjects would be randomised by their age and living conditions.