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Name: Paul Gossett
Name: Sara Gubrud
Name: Katerina Soltero
Name: Desiree Yazzie
Name: Karson Pooler
Name: Patrick Panattoni


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1
We performed an ANOVA test on the data, and found that the p-value was 1.40E-16, far less than 0.05, which suggests a high degree of confidence for the data. Upon performing a Bonferroni correction, all of the individual t-tests also gave significant results.

Experiment 2

We performed a t-test on the data from Experiment 2, and found that there was no apparent statistical significance. The p-value of 0.8674 is much larger than the 0.05 required to show statistical significance.


In the test on humans, the inferential statistics revealed a highly significant correlation between LPS dosage levels and inflammotin levels. However, the test on rats did not indicate any significant statistical difference. One factor which must be considered is the scope of the rat study, which was much smaller than that of the human study. It is also possible that the drug works differently in rats than in humans; however, more data would be required to reach such a conclusion.