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Name: Mark Weser
Name: Ryan Wood
Name: Makarios Begay
Name: Alexis Nelson
Name: Kori Staples
Name: Morgan Murray


Descriptive Statistics

Gold Standard:

Heartbeat: 98.08977 Temperature: 96.64716

Standard Deviation-
Heartbeat: 23.0305 Temperature: 1.9226

Standard Error-
Heartbeat: 1.32307 Temperature: 0.106811

Heartbeat: 98 Temperature: 97.05

Heartbeat: 79 Temperature: 97.1

Spree Headband:

Heartbeat: 98.9307 Temperature: 95.53086

Standard Deviation-
Heartbeat: 24.878 Temperature: 0.870378

Standard Error-
Heartbeat: 1.4292 Temperature: 0.04835

Heartbeat: 96 Temperature: 95

Heartbeat: 97 Temperature: 95





T-Test Number for Temperature:

T-Test Number for HeartBeat:

Pearson's R Value for Temperature:

Pearson's R Value for HeartBeat:

**Because the P Value for heartbeat was larger than .05, the Spree device is not a valid device for measuring heartbeat, but it is a valid device for measuring Temperature as the value was less than 0.05**


In this lab we set out to validate the Spree headband as a device. We measured the Spree device, which claimed to measure your temperature and heart rate over time. We measured our temperature and heart rate values every 5 minutes for an hour as we walked at a constant rate. For every 5 minute interval, we recorded our temperature and heart rate according to what the Spree app measured from the headband device, and we measured our temperature with a mouth placed thermometer and a Pulse Oximeter. We also took two readings 5 minutes and 10 minutes after we finished walking to serve as a cool down period. We found that the Spree device was inacurate, but seemed to stay more consistent than the Gold standard data. This could have been because the Spree devices id not record the temperatures at all, so all the temperatures were reading the same. Other possible errors were that our gold standard thermometer was out of date or not calibrated. It was also difficult to get an accurate heart rate from the Oximeter because we could not stop walking and therefore it was not able to get an accurate reading. In closing, the Spree device is not a valid device. Its downsides are that it is not very comfortable, it is not easy to connect to its bluetooth, it has a hard time providing accurate and consistent readings, and the temperature scale is a color meter and not an actual exact number.


Target Population and Need

Athletes, to regulate body temperature while working out
Average person who needs to traverse in an extreme climate Ex: Arizona in the summer and Chicago in the winter
Aimed for all ages and both genders

Needs for consumers:
Battery Life Solution: New advanced battery from palmer technologies, single small battery powers entire skyscraper for months
Stylish Solution: Does not protrude from under your cloths, doesnt look clunky.

Device Design

R.E.K.T. is a full body suit that incorporates advanced refrigeration technology into a suit to aid your body in maintaining proper temperature. Our scientists have come up with a refrigeration unit small enough, that you won’t even know you are wearing it and silent enough you will never hear it running. The R.E.K.T. refrigeration unit attaches to our specially designed temperature tubes to surround your body, keeping all your body running at maximum performance.

Thanks to the new battery technology from Palmer Tech you are able to get R.E.K.T. all day and night.

Inferential Statistics

The following data compares body temperatures of a subject who exercised for 4 hours, once with normal workout cloths, and once while wearing the R.E.K.T. product. (45 Data Points)

Regular Cloths:

Average: 102.6614
Median: 102.65
Mode: 102.6
Standard Deviation: 1.495141886
P-Value: 2.846934X10^-22
Standard Error: 0.222882593

Wearing the R.E.K.T. product:

Average: 98.6
Median: 98.6
Mode: 98.6
Standard Deviation: 0
P-Value: 2.846934X10^-22
Standard Error:0