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Niki Penrose
Richard Li
Kyler Blair
Carson Kennedy
Cami Rowan
Eman A. Abu Alrahi


PCR Reaction Report

Our team was successful in using the pipette. The pre-lab video was more helpful than the reading because it allowed us to visualize the pipetting process. The process itself is very simple, and some of our lab group members had prior pipetting experience. The pipette was compressed to the first stop before inserting the tip into the solution, then after insertion, the stop was released to collect the solution. Then the tip was placed into a different container, and the pipette was compressed to the second stop to release all of the liquid. The final reactions had the same amount of liquid (no liquid was lost during the reaction through evaporation or pipette residue). When transferring liquid, we made sure that there was no residue left in the tubes or the pipette tip. The labeling scheme did not have to be changed because each solution was transferred into the correct tube.

Fluorimeter Procedure

Phone camera set-up
- Turn on your camera app.

- Set your camera timer to three seconds.

- Place your phone on a cardle while your camera is facing the fluorimeter.

- If the picture's angle is not right, try to adjust the height of the fluorimeter so you get a clear view of the slide.

Placing Samples onto the Fluorimeter

First, after wearing the gloves find the smooth side of the slide and make it face the fluorimeter, then place a drop of SYBER green I solution, which is 80 uL, on the first two middle clear points. Second, Place another 80 uL drop on top of the first one of sample/calibration solution. Try to make the light illuminate the center of the drop by moving the slide. After that, adjust the distance of your phone so it is more than 4 cm away from the fluorimeter. When you're sure that everything is in its place, cover the things with a box with a one flap open. Let your phone camera focus on the drop then tap the timer button and close the flip.

Data Collection and Analysis

Images of High, Low, and Zero Calf Thymus DNA

5: Postivecontrol2.jpg

0.5: Negative.jpg

Zero: None.jpg

Calibrator Mean Values


Calibration curves


Images of Our PCR Negative and Positive Controls

Positive Control: Positivecontrol.jpg

Negative Control: Negative.jpg

PCR Results: PCR concentrations solved



PCR Results: Summary

  • Our positive control PCR result was 1.957473 μg/mL
  • Our negative control PCR result was 1.009639 μg/mL

Observed results

  • Patient 46191 : glowed green; 2.133197 μg/mL
  • Patient 81527 : glowed green; 7.330411 μg/mL


  • Patient 1 : positive
  • Patient 2 : positive