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Kyler Blair
Carson Kennedy
Richard Longfei Li
Cami Rowan
Niki Penrose
Eman Abu Alrahi


Descriptive Statistics

Heart Rate Descriptive Statistics: Standard Deviation:

Gold Standard Group 1 = 12.31 bpm Spree Group 1 = 15.35 bpm

Gold Standard Group 2 = 21.72 bpm Spree Group 2 = 28.26 bpm

Gold Standard Group 3 = 10.05 bpm Spree Group 3 = 7.72 bpm

Gold Standard Group 4 = 17.94 bpm Spree Group 4 = 10.73 bpm

Gold Standard Group 5 = 10.19 bpm Spree Group 5 = 15.96 bpm

Gold Standard Group 6 = 15.96 bpm Spree Group 6 = 23.27 bpm

Gold Standard Group 7 = 24.81 bpm Spree Group 7 = 8.6 bpm

Gold Standard Group 8 = 8.67 bpm Spree Group 8 = 8.49 bpm

Gold Standard Group 9 = 8.49 bpm Spree Group 9 = 14.88 bpm

Gold Standard Group 10 =14.88 bpm Spree Group 10 = 26.41 bpm

Gold Standard Group 12 = 17.43 bpm Spree Group 12 = 20.11 bpm

Gold Standard Group 14 = 20.01bpm Spree Group 14 = 19.82 bpm

Gold Standard Group 16 = 20.55 bpm Spree Group 16 = 31.91 bpm


Standard Deviation

Gold Standard: 22.44 bpm Spree: 25.04 bpm


Gold Standard: 99.17 bpm Spree: 99.38 bpm

Temperatures Descriptive Statistics


Gold Standard:96.53°F Spree 95.56°F

Standard Deviation:

Gold Standard: 2.05°F Spree: .88°F

Pearson's R constant for Spree Headband: .772 Pearson's R constant for Gold Standard: .207


Scatter.jpg Temp.jpg Tempav.jpg Heartav.jpg


Based off of the descriptive statistics for both heart rate and temperature it was found that the Spree Headband was relatively accurate, especially in terms of temperature where the standard deviation was only .88 °F. A deviation so low especially compared to the 2.05°F for the gold standard shows that the headband has a very high degree of accuracy. However in regards to heart rate the standard of deviation is actually higher than the gold standard at 25.05 bpm compared to the gold standard of 22.44 bpm. While both of which are relatively high standards of deviation, the spree headband has a larger value and thus a larger degree of inaccuracy.


To test the validity and reliability of the Spree headband, values for heart rate and temperature were taken of an individual in regular intervals. These values were compared with a gold standard. The standard values were taken using valid and reliable measuring devices. The results show that the Spree headband is not as accurate than conventional methods of measuring temperature. The Spree device would most likely be more accurate if it had more contact points with the body to measure the pulse and core temperature of an individual. The gold standard for temperature was an oral thermometer, which is closer to the internal body and is able to get a more accurate reading compared to a reading taken from an individual's forehead. The Spree headband is however pretty accurate with measuring heart rate as it was very close to the values of the gold standard.


Target Population and Need

The target population will be the 35 million U.S. parents with newborns/babies. These parents need to be able to assess the health of their babies as much as possible. This also generates the need to make the device friendly to the target population as much as possible to encourage continuous monitoring.

Device Design

TED (Technology Empowered Devices) is a customizable stuffed animal that monitors temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and glucose levels in babies. Information can be viewed by the parent on any smartphone. Device includes wireless charging. The device also communicates through bluetooth.



Inferential Statistics

Heart Rate: Gold Standard Average - 91.5 bpm -Standard Deviation: 7.99 TED's Average - 85.4 bpm -Standard Deviation: 3.61

Temperature: Gold Standard Average - 98.3 °F -Standard Deviation: 1.27 TED's Average - 98.6 °F -Standard Deviation: 1.03

Blood Pressure: Gold Standard Average - 120.5 mmHg -Standard Deviation: 25.8 TED's Average - 122 mmHg -Standard Deviation: 25.1

Blood Glucose Levels: Gold Standard Average - 136.4 mmol/L -Standard Deviation - 29.8 TED's Average - 128.7 mmol/L -Standard Deviation - 16.9

Respiratory Rate: Gold Standard Average - 40.7 breaths per minute -Standard Deviation: 10.6 TED's Average - 46.1 breaths per minute -Standard Deviation: 8.8


12345.jpg 12346.jpg 12347.jpg 12348.jpg 12349.jpg