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Name: Derek Vielhauer
Name: Brent Kiracofe
Name: Tess Alexander
Name: Talha Ghanchi
Name: Bianca Garcia
Name: Jessica Kerlee


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the inflammation inducing agent, lipopolysaccharide. The dependent variable is the inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) in the elderly.

Experimental Design


There will be ten groups.


The age group is the elderly, age 60-80 years of age. They can't be on any other pain killer medicines, cancer drugs, or anti-inflammatory response drugs.

Number of subjects per group

There will be 10 subjects per group of varying ages.

Subject Selection

The selection will be random volunteer based. The subjects will not be on prescription drugs, more or less physically and mentally competent.

Sources of Error and Bias

Possible sources of error could include the patient not telling us the doses that they are receiving for medications. Patients forgetting to take their medicines, or taking more of the drug than recommended. Another source of error could include body type and metabolism rate of the subject.