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Name: Bradley Taylor
Name: Shantelle Woody
Name: Andrej Sodoma
Name: Brain Lambert
Name: Slade Hermann
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Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent: Lipopolysaccharide
Dependent: Inflamitory protein (Inflammotin)

Experimental Design

The experiment is comprised of 4 groups of ten elderly people between the ages of 55-80yrs. in order to test the effects of the dosage of a lipopolysaccharide. The first iteration will have four groups of 10 in order to obtain a concise testing window. Hence we will test the effects of 10mg, 5mg, 1mg, and a control group. These subjects will take the pill daily in the morning then four hours later their blood will be tested for the concentration of the lipopolysaccharide. This process will be carried out for one week. After the data is compiled a second test will be preformed 3 weeks after initial testing. Dosage will be determined by taking the two doses with the most effect and using 1 mg intervals between the two sets. A third test will be preformed 3 weeks later at a dosage varience of .2 mg
*Bradley Taylor 19:17, 20 January 2016 (EST):

Test one:
Group 1: control
Group 2: 10mg
Group 3: 5mg
Group 4: 1mg

Test two:[example:assumed that 5mg had less of an effect and 1mg had a minimal effect]
Group 1: 9mg
Group 2: 8mg
Group 3: 7mg
Group 4: 6mg

Test three:[example: assumed that 9mg and 8mg had as much effect as 10mg but 6mg had a reduced effect]
Group 1: 7.2mg
Group 2: 7.4mg
Group 3: 7.6mg
Group 4: 7.8mg



Number of subjects per group

10 subjects per group

Subject Selection

Subject selection will be or a volunteer basis then they will be tested for good general health.
Patients with inflammatory diseases or immunodeficences will be excluded.
Patients taking medication for inflammation will be excluded.
Subjects will be varied by ethnicity, age(with in the set), and wieght.

Sources of Error and Bias

Individual subjects my have conditions that predispose them to inflammation, or reduced effect of anti inflammatory drugs
Individual being allergic to the medication
The medication being given a too low of a does and not having an effect on the individual
Random interference from outside sources may cause error.

*Bradley Taylor 19:18, 20 January 2016 (EST):