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Name: Syeda Rizvi
Name: Will Chmielewski
Name: Waseem Aljaid
Name: Kyla Richardson
Name: Corey Soto
Name: Your name


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent variable: Lipopolysaccharide

Dependent Variable: Inflammotin

Experimental Design

group 1: Males and Females

Age: 60-65 (10 people)

GROUP 2: Males and Females

Age: 66-70 (10 people)

Group A: Placebo

5 Subjects Age: 60-65 5 Subjects Age: 66-70

Group B: Pill 5 Subjects Age: 60-65 5 Subjects Age: 66-70

3 Tests will be conducted: Test 1: 8mg Test 2: 6mg Test 3: 4mg Test 4: 2mg

Subject Selection

People with normal blood pressure for their age.

Sources of Error and Bias

Height, weight, sex, race, BMI