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Name: Brianna Chavez
Name: Johnathon Ruiz
Name: Josh Quick
Name: Maria Guzman
Name: Taylor Little


Descriptive Statistics

Data for Both Heart Rate and Body Temperature



Heart Rate


Based off the T-test in the heart rate group, it suggests that it is not statistically significant, meaning that the spree and the gold standard had very close readings. However, the Pearson's R test shows that there is a possible correlation between the two measuring devices.

In the temperature group, the results were statistically significant in the T-tests, suggesting that the spree and the gold standard had a wide variation in temperature readings. Therefore, the Spree's ability to read temperature were inconsistent with the thermometer. The Pearson's R test also shows no correlation between the two measuring devices.


Design Flaws
One of the design flaws for the Spree device was that it was trying to measure the temperature from the forehead than the usual core temperature from under the armpit or tongue. As for the heart rate it would be ideal to have an alarm when the Spree reaches above the normal level of a human heart beat. Bluetooth technology with this headband but it would lose connection very easily and was difficult to connect to via smartphone. It was hard to distinct from each other Spree that were close by. Another physical gimmick of the Spree is that there was no way to tell if it had any battery life or if it was in full power. It would have been more advantageous if it had measured oximetry as well since the forehead is viable for that position. It was very bland and unfashionable. A recommendation would be to put some designs or cotton-based band along with a variety of colors and options of other types of apparel. Its not economical to purchase this product because of limiting functioning and unfavorable ergonomics for a price of three-hundred dollars.


The Spree device is not ideal for athletic wear. This customer complained of discomfort from wearing the device and felt it was awkward. There are a variety of issues with the Bluetooth technology and measuring ability alone. Economically, it is not priced ideally for the current level of functioning. It may be more ideal to find a cheaper or higher functioning device to purchase instead.


Target Population and Need

Marketing Targets
Geography: World-wide distribution
Age group: Adults
Affluent couples trying to conceive a baby

Population Needs

The population needs are knowledge and preemptive safety. Expecting parents or individuals with known genetic disorders will need this device to quickly assess the likelihood they will pass on certain genes to children, or to assess their own genes or the genes of their children.

Market niche: Concerned potential parents, individuals with known genetic disorders

Device Design

The image on the left depicts the outward appearance of the DNAtion At Home DNA Kit. Along with the logo, the front of the device will feature a touch screen where the user can interact with their results via visually aided charts and graphics. From this screen, the user can also organize and save multiple sequences based on date, person, or any other factor they see fit. From this image, the input slide, the on/off button, and the open/close button are visible on the side of the device.
The image on the right depicts the function of the device’s moving parts. The input slide acts similarly to a CD drive on a laptop. When the user presses the open/close button, the slide extends from the side of the device. On the surface of this extension, there is an indentation to insert the microscope slides containing the DNA sample. To insert the DNA sample for sequencing, the user can either press the open/close button again or gently press on the extension slide. The Extension will protrude and retrieve automatically.

Device Features:

After Sequencing DNA data, the following is displayed:
Probabilities of Disorder and/or if it is present already
Find potential risk to diseases
Ancestral heritage

Post Conception
Blood Type
Current system status
Virus/Dangerous bacteria detection
Possible cancer cell development

Distribution/Packaging of Product:
Instructional Manual in 36 different languages: How to use it, order parts, liability is preferred that the subject please use hair follicles, saliva, fingerprints and etc where there is no intrusion of the body involved.
--Company website with secure protection from hacking, identity theft and unsaved credit records with purchasing online.
--Order by Phone
--4 year guarantee for customer satisfaction with no defects and .and full replacements
--If unsatisfied with purchased then the client can be fully reimbursed for all their money within 6 months if its still kept in proper conditions that it came in upon arrival.
---Returns or refunds may not be permitted if any of the following does not occur: Medium/Heavy physical damage, altercations, liquid contact, cosmetic damage, installed programs, misuse and/or abuse of product.

Inferential Statistics


Accuracy when compared to other systems and devices

Anova Test in comparisons with other Tests


Comparison of Overall Accuracy