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Name: Priscilla Hernandez
Name: Alwaleed Alsahafi
Name: Victoria Sanford
Name: Sarah Soaf
Name: Taylor Simone Woods


Descriptive Statistics

Gold Standard Heart Rate: Mean- 94.67953 Median- 91 Mode- 89 Standard Deviation- 23.02596

Spree Great Rate: Mean- 95.67952522 Median- 92 Mode- 90 Standard Deviation- 23.02595512

Gold Standard Temperature: Mean- 97.33289744 Median- 97.3 Mode 97.9 Standard Deviation- 2.84566103

Spree Temperature: Mean- 98.71025641 Median-99 Mode- 99 Standard Deviation- 0.565182989



When considering the temperature it is hard to compare a thermometer which can have so many different readings to the spree app which only has 4 different levels this explains why there is a p-value of zero . In that way it makes it hard to quantify statistically the relationship between the two. A normal persons temperature really only varies when they are sick or under extreme condition, as no one in the current study were under extreme physical duress one cannot deduce if the spree can accurately recognize an increased body temperature. The rest would seem pretty accurate but this could not be distinguished from the lack of variance in body temperature throughout the day and between individuals. The heart rate seems accurate when looking at the median but you see a much higher variance in the spree than the more accurate gold standard. There is a correlation but it is about .56 the more accurate the higher correlation so a r value closer to 1 would be preferred. The p-value is extremely high as well showing that the similarities are not significant and the spree not extremely accurate for heart rate.


In the Spree Video, the company claims that the device is synced in an application to help you understand and enhance body’s performance. Although it gives you the advantage of tracking your workout data in real time, the Spree Band is not accurate enough to relay on. It has many issues such as temperature measurement output method. Instead of giving an accurate number, it gives you a color for body temperature. Another disadvantage is that the Spree device was difficult and confusing to connect with the app when there is more than one device in the same room. The company could improve this by giving each device a unique name, such as a serial number, in order to connect more easily. The style of the Device is not up to date. It is unstylish and not elegant at all. Wearing this device on the head might make a person feel uncomfortable and a maybe a bit embarrassing around people. In addition, if it was worn under the sun, the person wearing it might get a suntan on the forehead. If we looked closely to the device alone separately compared to the headband, we would find that the device is smaller than the headband. Therefore, the headband is taking a much more amount of space than the device it self. In order to improve this, the company should design a different headbands for different workouts such as a lighter version for running and a smaller one for biking to fit under the helmet. In addition, the Spree band requires a person to carry his phone all the time to track his data in real time. Some People usually wear comfortable and light clothes when they workout and prefer to leave their phone at home or the gym locker in order to workout comfortably. While other companies try to create something that makes a person’s workout easier, the Spree company made a person’s workout harder by adding the need of their phone while working out with the uncomfortable head band.


Target Population and Need

Though this technology can be applicable to everyone, it shows increased use in individuals living in rural or developing areas who do not have reliable access to medical care. This has a lifesaving effect on children not old enough to receive vaccines as there will be a dramatic decrease in exposure. With increased industrialization populations both rural and suburban have a higher risk of exposure to pathogens. Expedited diagnosis and treatment of these diseases would tremendously reduce healthcare prices and curb the possibility of future epidemics. With faster diagnostics comes faster treatment; the majority of symptoms show up after the incubation period, so instead of spending money and resources alleviating these symptoms the source of the illness will be fixed before the cumbersome symptoms manifest. In order to show proof of concept initial target population will be the average American who just doesn't have time to get sick.Common sickness and illnesses are a significant detriment to the American economy. Revenue lost by the absence of sick employees or the decreased productivity in symptomatic workers is significant. With the increase in revenue and decrease in medical expenditure soon this product could be made accessible to all.

Device Needs

Compact- For implantation under the wrist the device would need to be extremely thin, durable and of course bio compatible. By integrating a synthetic gene network onto a microchip that has been programmed by lasers making it extremely complex for its size and made of a bio material a small chip is made possible for implantation. Requirements - make smallest microchip that can do the job.

Rapid Detection- The heart pumps the entirety of a humans blood through their body, if the chip was attached to the circulatory system in a closed loop, (perhaps a stint is made that passes the blood through the detection area) it could scan the entirety of the persons blood for possible stimuli. Requirements- safe access to circulatory system from within the wrist.

Correct response to input- The chip will be programmed to react with genes that are associated with pathogenic properties. Once an infectious agent is detected known antibodies for the pathogen will be released. requirements - an ability to interface a synthetic gene circuit and its responses to produce yet another response in the chip which can electrically stimulate the second gene circuit designed for programmed antibody production.

Evolving- Viruses mutate and bacteria are notorious for picking up new genes.Requirement- The database on the chip would need to be wirelessly accessible for updating.

Safe- This would require a device that would not break apart. A device that once implanted would stay in its location without damaging the human body. A sturdy material that would detach safely from stint before ripping apart attached vein in emergencies.

Device Design

Dimensions: 0.25 cm by 0.25 cm by 0.01 cm

Inferential Statistics


Average Antibody Levels After 1 Week Infected With H5N1

Average ETSA-6 Antibody Levels After 1 Week Infected With Tuberculosis