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Name: Priscilla Hernandez
Name: Alwaleed Alsahafi
Name: Victoria Sanford
Name: Sarah Soaf
Name: Taylor Simone Woods


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide). The dependent variable is the release of the inflammatory protein (Inflammotin).

Experimental Design

The experiment will last 10 weeks with testing for protein levels twice a week. They will be taking the pill once a day everyday under supervision at the exact same time.

Control: no inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide) but take a placebo Group 1: 5 mg LPS Group 2: 2.5 mg LPS Group 3: start at 0 mg LPS and then increase dose by 1 mg each week

All groups will be elderly (65-70 years old) without any severe inflammation.

Number of subjects per group
50 people in each group, with 50/50 being female/male.

Subject Selection

Applicable subjects will take an electronic questionnaire and then pick those who have at least a 75% similarity in health (trying to limit genetics being a confounding variable) and not taking any other noninflammatory drugs within the last month. The gender distribution will be evenly chosen and then find a population that reflects the American population.

Sources of Error and Bias

Applicants can lie on the test; this could be fixed with genetic testing. Location can affect inflammation; this could be fixed by making studies in different locations or insuring that all the patients are from and staying in the same location for the duration of the test. Whether they are taking personal medication or illegal drugs could affect results; this can be controlled by drug testing. The experiment would be a double blind experiment to ensure no bias on the side of the subjects or the ones conducting the experiment.