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Name: Harris J Tran
Name: Brandon Hansen
Name: Luke Shaffer
Name: Jaid Coronel


Descriptive Statistics

Measurement taken from the oral thermometer and the pulse oximeter, and compared to the results taken from the Spree Band sensor and program. The data used in the analysis are taken from 4 volunteers, performing varies type of exercises; then compared to the Golden Standard of results. The first set of data are taken during each volunteer's resting period, before the start of the experiment; one reading every two minutes using each equipment stated, for five readings. Afterward, the each volunteers are asked to begin performing with the viscosity of exercises varying; with readings every 5 minutes, for 12 readings. The final set of data recorded is during the volunteer's cool-down period, where each volunteers are asked to rest and maintain normal heart rate; with each reading taken every two minutes, for 5 readings.


Heart Rate

t score = -3.70390720479888

p value 0.00034491042362702

mean: Gold Standard = 94.8835, Spree = 101.9515

stdev: Gold Standard = 30.8409, Spree = 34.33868

standard error: Gold Standard = 2.941, Spree = 3.274

r^2 value = 0.6867


t score -8.25

p value = 1.5 *10^-12

mean Gold Standard = 97.25, Spree = 98.329

st dev Gold Standard = 1.19, Spree = 0.496

Std error Gold Standard = .127, Spree = 0.053

r^2 = 0.0245


The differences between the Spree and the Pulse Oximeter were found to be statistically significant. Because the p value of the differences between the groups was less that 5%, the two groups can be said to be different.

Additionally, the r values measuring the correlation between the two measurements was pitifully low, leading to the conclusion that the Spree does not effectively measure heart rate or temperature accurately.


In the Spree:

♦Connectivity is unreliable; possible improvement would be connections over Wi-fi.

♦Temperature recording is inconsistent; possible recommendation will be a removable head-thermometer in the band.

Additionally, the spree consistently over-estimates the heart rate of the user.


Target Population and Need

The target population include professional athletes and their trainers. Because of the expense and superior measurement the average athlete and trainer have no need for such advanced readings. Device will accurately test: heart rate, temperature, calories burned, acceleration, velocity, distance, blood pressure, breathing rate and sweat index.

Device Design

The new Delta Jaid Collection is a brave new species of sportswear. Where other brands falter, the Delta Jaid Collection boldly charges forward with regard for trivial things like cost and affordability. Hailed by critics as the biggest fashion revolution since the invention of clothing, the Delta Jaid Collection has established itself as the standard by which all things luxurious, stylish, quality and effective may, from this point on be held to.

Inferential Statistics