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Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: Lipopolysaccharide, as it is the variable in this experiment we are manipulating.

Dependent Variable: Inflammotin response, as it is the variable we are measuring in this experiment

Experimental Design

2 groups

Group 1 is assigned lipopolysaccharide in 10mg dose

Group 2 is assigned placebo

Study is repeated 1 month later

Group 1 now receives lipopolysaccharide in 8mg dose

Group 2 still receives placebo

Process is repeated until drug no longer has measurable effect

  • (Every month 2 mg will be decreased from the previous dose until no effect of the drug is observed)

Group 1 is selected as an experimental group, and Group 2 is selected as a control

65-80 This age group was selected as the target population of affection. This age group is also considered elderly. A large variance was also considered for selection.

Number of subjects per group
20 per group, as groups should be of a size of at least 7. Based on funding reasons a smaller group was selected. Variability of subjects is necessary; however,too large of a group is out of budget.

Subject Selection

Select the phone book of the location the lab is in, pick digits out of a random number table, contacting and ignoring those whose phone numbers are generated that do not fit the age requirement of this experiment, and selecting the first 40 elderly people that fit the requirements of the study.

For assignment into respective groups, each subject shall be assigned a number (1-40) and a researcher would flip a coin to determine the subject's group, stopping when one group has reached 20 and assigning the remainder to the other group.

Sources of Error and Bias


♦Human error



♦Living Environment of Subjects


One could select elderly twins to reduce amount of genetic variation

Presence of placebo reduces amount of variation between groups

One could block the two groups to assure a relatively equal amount of each gender in each group

Select all subjects from the same geographical region, hence the phone book