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Name: Sara Belko
Name: Luc Tieu
Name: Priscilla Delgado
Name: Francisco campa
Name: Al Imam


Descriptive Statistics


Temperature (°F) Heart Rate (bpm)
Spree 98.3 101.9
Gold Standard 97.3 94.9

Variability (Heart Rate)

Standard Deviation Standard Error
Spree 34.3 3.39
Gold Standard 30.8 3.04

Variability (Temperature)

Standard Deviation Standard Error
Spree .496 .0529
Gold Standard 1.20 .127



A paired t-test was used to compare the data because the data was measured using two devices. A paired t-test made it easiest to compare the data side by side and see the correlation.

Heart Rate

P-value attained from t-test: .121

Pearson's R: .829


P-value attained from t-test: 6.11 E-13

Pearson's R: .133

With a p-value of .121 for the heart rate, the data is not statistically significant because .121 is greater than .05. Because the data is not statistically significant it can be concluded that the spree is not able to accurately measure heart rate. The value of .829 for the Pearson's R means that there is a strong positive correlation between the data sets of the spree and the gold standard. This is because the value .829 is positive and close to 1.

With a p-value of 6.11 E-13 for the temperature, the data is statistically significant because 6.11 E-13 is much less than .05. Because the data is statistically significant, it can be concluded that the spree is capable of accurately measuring temperature. The value of .133 attained for the Pearson's R means that there is a weak positive correlation between the data sets of the spree and the gold standard. This is because the value of .133 is positive and not close to the value of 1.


The Spree device does not satisfy the consumers needs. During the lab, our first two spree devices could not link up to the app through bluetooth. Instead, we had to collaborate with another group for data. For our physical activity, the subject had to play intense ping pong for an hour. After five minute increments, heart beat and temperature were measured from the spree device and using a thermometer and pulse oximeter. During the experiment, however the subject went outside the bluetooth radius at one moment that could have skewed the data. Another problem with it is that temperature was difficult to record as it used a confusing was to record it. In the app, it showed colors to represent temperature and not actual data which mad the process of recording and analyzing the temperature an extra step that shouldn't have happened. Finally there is the data and how it was compared to Gold or controlled group. While it stay within range of some measurements, it was also all over the place in many areas. In the end, while the spree was an innovated device, it need improvements before it can be a serious device to record health. Some adjustments that can be made is using another wireless tracking method other than Bluetooth and it was proven difficult to use. Another way to improve is making data easier to read and understand as the output now is difficult to understand. Finally, that last thing the spree can improve on is use use better sensors to track measurements as it was proven to get some results wrong. I know these demands seem a lot, but its more now that spree becomes a functional device for everyone to use.


Target Population and Need

Sports Measurement:


- Golf

- Swimming

- Baseball

Target Population:

- Athletic people

- Age range: 15-45 and those who play sports


- speed of stroke (arm movement)

- calories burned

- heart rate


- stylish compression sleeve with biomarkers

- stylish app that uses bluetooth

- user friendly

- inexpensive

- long battery life/easily changeable battery

- long warranty

- water proof

- durable/shock proof

- spandex-type material

Device Design

Compression Sleeve

- comes in many colors (black, white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)

- contains biomarkers at wrist, elbow, and shoulder

- bluetooth admitted/receiver

- dry fit


- profile to put in personal data/pick your sport

- easy to use/understand

- caters to each sport

- runs concurrently with sleeve

- tabs for calories burned, heart rate, and speed of strokes (arm movement)

Name: Back
Name: Bottom
Name: Bottom Side
Name: Top Side
Name: Side

Inferential Statistics