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Name: Justin Blommer
Name: Ethan Mathew
Name: Spencer Cobb
Name: Sarah Jones
Name: Abigail Rene


What is the lowest possible dose of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) that can increase Inflammotin levels in the elderly?

Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable- Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)

Dependent Variable- Inflammotin

Experimental Design

Control Groups:

0mg of LPS

10 mg of LPS

Experimental Groups:

Dosage of LPS for the 9 experimental groups:

1mg of LPS

2mg of LPS

3mg of LPS

4mg of LPS

5mg of LPS

6mg of LPS

7mg of LPS

8mg of LPS

9mg of LPS

All of our test subjects will be in the 70-75 year old range. We chose a more precise age range because a 70 year old and a 90 year old could have extremely different results in our experiment. If order to determine effectiveness of the LPS in older subjects, we would perform the same experiment with an older test group.

Number of subjects per group
-10 subjects per group

-Groups will be 5 male and 5 female

-Aside from gender, all subjects will be randomly chosen in terms of race, age (within the 70-75 range), cultural background, etc.

Subject Selection

-All subjects must be 70-75 years old

-Should have a similar health history, but otherwise diverse (race, culture, gender, etc)

-Patients should not already have inflammation issues or be taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Sources of Error and Bias

Error: Health history and previous medical conditions may affect how subject's body reacts to LPS

Solution: Must select test subjects without inflammation issues and of similar health history

Error: Subjects with a tolerance or extreme sensitivity to LPS will react to it differently

Solution: Ensure subjects are not currently taking anti-inflammatory medicines and that their other medications will not interfere with test results

Error: Genetics can alter subject's tolerance and how their body responds to LPS

Solution: Select as diverse of a test group as possible

Error: Body size/composition affects metabolization

Solution: Choose subjects with similar body compositions

Error: Using the same test group could produce biased Inflammotin levels due to residual LPS in the system from previous trial

Solution: Each trial uses a different group of test subjects

Error: Test subjects may have different baseline levels of Inflammotin prior to receiving LPS

Solution: Select subjects that had similar baseline levels