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Name: Michael Bejarano
Fernanda Diva
Morgan Johnson
Ryan Bridges
Virginia Fernandez
Name: Your name


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent variable is the lipopolysaccharide and the dependent variable is the Inflammotin.

Experimental Design


Arrange the groups in increasing amounts of dosage of lipopolysaccharide administered to the test subjects.

  • Group 1: 10 mg
  • Group 2: 9 mg
  • Group 3: 8 mg
  • Group 4: 7 mg
  • Group 5: 6 mg
  • Group 6: 5 mg
  • Group 7: 4 mg
  • Group 8: 3 mg
  • Group 9: 2 mg
  • Group 10: 1 mg


Age range: 55-80 years of age

Number of subjects per group

10 subjects per group.

Subject Selection

The age range selected is 55 to 80 years of age. Fifty-five was chosen as the minimum age because it is considered the age of a senior citizen and 80 was chosen as the maximum age because the average lifespan does not extend beyond 80 and there are not as many possible test subjects that meet the criteria. Ten groups of 10 subjects were created because the lab could not afford the expense of additional groups or test subjects. Possible test subjects include both males and females.

Sources of Error and Bias

Sources of error will include, gender, age, pre-existing conditions, and current medications. Gender is considered due to differences in biological factors. Pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis, will influence the overall results of the experiment in comparison to individuals with no pre-existing conditions. Medications are a factor due to the medications interacting with one another, in addition to the fact that some medications may cause inflammation to increase or decrease. Age must also be taken into consideration, due to the increased risk of infections and inflammation in an older age range, such as 70 to 80 years old.