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Name: Hannah Austin
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Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: The dosage of LPS, because this is the value that will be changing throughout the experiment process. Dependent Variable: The amount of inflammotion produced. This is because the amount of inflammation will be dependent on the dosage of LPS that is given to the subjects.

Experimental Design

Five males and five females in a group. Five groups in total. Group members will be selected if they are healthy individuals who who are within the age range. This will give the experiment a wide array of distinct individuals, and both genders will be tested equally. Dosages(mg): 6, 8, 10 Time of trial : 4 weeks


Dosage Group: 6 mg, 8 mg, 10 mg, and Placebo Within each group there will be a total of 10 individuals (ages 65 and above, 5 females and 5 males) that have gone through the selection process.

65+ (randomly selected)

Number of subjects per group
10 (equal number of males and females)

Subject Selection

Healthy individuals that are above the age of 65. A survey will be taken to determine their health state, and whether it is adequate for being a subject for the experiment.

Healthy is considered individuals who do not smoke, drink, take any prescribed drugs or medications, and use any illegal drugs. Individuals must be in good cardiovascular health and have no blood related illness.

The age of the subject will be randomly selected from a pool of individuals that are 65 and above. Females and males will all be surveyed for the same criteria.

There will have to be a control group that will not be given the LPS.

All groups will told that they may or may not be given LPS (for ethical reasons).

Sources of Error and Bias

Sources of error: 1. Individuals who are under the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Intake of such substances can cause a variability in the results of the experiment. This can be controlled by getting consent from the individuals to take sporadic drug tests throughout the trials. 2. One potential source of error is if tests subjects don't carefully follow the medicine regimen. One way to control this is to five the subjects carefully outlines, detailed instructions on what they take. Furthermore, we could take small blood samples from each subject on a weekly basis to confirm they are following the instructions accordingly. 3. Individuals who are not responsive to LPS can change the results of the experiment also. This can be prevented by testing the individuals prior to the experiment.