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Name: Trevaun Walker
Name: Thomas Murphy
Name: Hanna Monroe
Name: Natkanes Pakjirasirikul
Name: Reaghan Fletcher


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1

This was a human based study to see if various doses of LPS (0 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15 mg) increase the levels of inflammotin in the elderly at a retirement center.

Data table 1.jpg

Experiment 2

This was a rat based study to see if the LPS treatment increased Inflammotin protein levels

Rate table.jpg


Experiment 1

Graph Data 1.jpg

Data Table 2.jpg

Experiment 2


Rat ANOVA.jpg


Experiment 1

Data 3.jpg

Experiment 2


Based on the p-value for experiment 1, there is a statistically significant difference among the different doses of LPS. Upon further analysis between all groups, each comparison showed significance when comparing the t-test values to the corrected p-value. In this study of inflammotin and the elderly, we found that the dose of LPS does make a difference in the amount of inflammotin in elderly. However, in experiment 2, there was no significant difference between the doses of LPS. The dose of LPS does not make a significant difference in the amount of inflammotin.