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Name: Hanna Monroe
Name: Natkanes Pakjirasirikul
Name: Thomas Murphy
Name: Reaghan Fletcher
Name: trevaun walker


Independent and Dependent Variables

The Independent Variable is the lipopolysaccharide and the dependent variable is the Inflammotion.

Experimental Design


We will use six groups of elderly people.

Control Group: This group will receive a placebo pill containing no lipopolysaccharide

Experimental Groups:

Group 1: This group will receive pill containing 2 mg lipopolysaccharide

Group 2: This group will receive pill containing 4 mg lipopolysaccharide

Group 3: This group will receive pill containing 6 mg lipopolysaccharide

Group 4: This group will receive pill containing 8 mg lipopolysaccharide

Group 5: This group will receive pill containing 10 mg lipopolysaccharide


Our groups will be made up of elderly people that are age sixty-five or older.

Number of subjects per group

We will have 50 subjects per group.

The total amount of subjects should be 300.

Subject Selection

Our groups will be made of a randomized selections of elderly people over the age of sixty-five. Each group will to contain a mix of nationalities to limit the differences in subjects due to genetic variation. All patients need to be moderately healthy with none to minimal previous health conditions that would cause an increase in inflammotion levels.

Sources of Error and Bias

Some sources of error could be due to genetic factors as well as environmental and occupational factors. We previously accounted for genetic factors; however, there could be some unexpected genetic factors that could alter the results. The environment could also alter results due to weather conditions, altitude, or possibly the wellness of the subject, like amount of exercise and the nutritional value of the food they eat. If the subject works, their job or physical labor could affect their inflammatory system leading to higher or lower inflammatory responses to begin with.