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Descriptive Statistics

The Spree is a small device placed within a headband and worn on the top of the forehead. When turned on, the Spree is said to measure both heart rate and temperature and the data can be seen from a smartphone with their app installed. For comparison testing of accuracy, the Golden Standard of the experiments were a pulse oximeter as well as an oral thermometer.

The data was collected within the lab every two minutes for five collections, outside of the lab every five minutes for twelve collections, and then once again every two minutes for five collections.



After the Running the T-test to compare the values of the Spree and the Gold standard the results were as followed:

Temperature T-Test Value: 2.3896E-20

Heart Rate T-Test Value: 0.69462762

For the Temperature the T-Test Value was far below which is indicative of their being a large nonexistent correlation between the value of the Gold Stand and the Spree hence there is a significant difference between the values.

For the Heart Rate the T-test Value demonstrates that there is not a significant difference in the values of the Gold standard and the spree.


The Spree headband does not accurately measure and display body temperature. It also does not accurately monitor heart rate.

Recommendations for improvement of the Spree device include but are not limited to:

1) Decreasing the amount of movement needed to keep the device turned on so that resting rates may be taken with greater ease

2) Including a full scale of temperature and the degree at which the wearer is measured to be at in comparison to the current levels

3) Making heart rate readings more accurate

4) Better compatibility with Android platforms

Some improvement can be made so that the spree works more effectively. One of those things could be that people are discouraged from buying the product based on the unattractive nature of the spree and the discomfort that wearing the product comes with. A positive improvement that could be made would be to take off the heat sensor and replace it with a more accurate heart rate monitor. Also to move its target location to an upper arm band that is more comfortable to wear without getting in the way of the workout. People already know that when you're exercising, you get hot and don't need to know your body temperature to figure out that you're overheating.


Target Population and Need

The population targeted for this product is pregnant women. The device was made for the purpose of making women feel safer and more at ease about their pregnancy. Pregnant women tend to worry about every thing that could go wrong with their baby's health during the nine months in the womb. PregRight was designed to help soon to be mothers with their nutritional levels. The babies are monitored through the mother's nutritional intake and the mothers are told what nutrient levels need to be increased for optimal healthiness for both the mother and baby.

Device Design

The product is designed so that it encompasses a screen for immediate results with a a power button and reset button. There is a sensor on the tip, similar to a standard thermometer, that reads the levels of body temperature, folic acid, vitamin D, and iron by measuring saliva. PregRight is a device that is changing with our world through technology, which is why there is an app that can be downloaded straight to your phone that allows nutritional data to be tracked during the pregnancy. The app will denote an input of food eaten by the user and prompt suggestions for possible nutritional intake for healthier eating habits for the baby and mother.

Inferential Statistics