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Name: Jasilynn Cox
Name: Kelsie Hermanson
Name: Tyler McCluskey
Name: Matt Birkholz
Name: Joslin Jose


Independent and Dependent Variables

What are your independent and dependent variables? Independent-the amount of mg in a designated pill Dependent- inflammotin

Experimental Design

Experimental group 1: 4mg Experimental group 2: 6mg Experimental group 3: 8mg Experimental group 4 (Control): 10mg Experimental group 5: 0mg (placebo) Only the amount of lps per pill (mg) will be changed throughout each group.

Number of subjects per group

Subject Selection

Random selection of an elderly group with chronic inflammation as diagnosed by a certified MD.

Sources of Error and Bias

Genetic mutation Varying amounts of inflammation Location of inflammation Injury Bias from people running the experiment Mobility of patient Other prescriptions that patient is taking Weight (Exclude some from experiment and by having a large sample group within the experiment, any potential skews of data through patients with adverse affects may not have such a great affect upon the data.)