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Name: Joseline Valenzuela Quintero
Name: Isaac Clouse
Name: Clayton Nunn
Name: Itai Kreisler
Name: abdulrahman alamri
Name: Your name


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: mg of LPS(lipopolysaccharide) given to subject. Dependent Variable: Inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) response.

Experimental Design


a) We would ideally have 10 groups, each taking the drug from 0mg to 9 mg in 1mg increments.


60-70 years old.

Number of subjects per group

b) We would have 10 participants per group. Group 1: Control group, 0mg Group 2: 1mg Group 3: 2 mg Group 4: 3mg Group 5: 4 mg Group 6: 5 mg Group 7: 6 mg Group 8: 7 mg Group 9: 8 mg Group 10: 9mg

Subject Selection

3. Subjects will be volunteers from nursing homes, patients varying from 60-70 years old living in the AZ area. We will disclose the possible effects of the inflammation inducing agent (lipopolysaccharide). They will be asked to fill out a volunteer sheet agreeing to the conditions.

Sources of Error and Bias

4. Source of Error Solution Genetic Variation -Random Selection Gender -50% male, 50% female per group Age -60-70 Climate -Population taken from across AZ, all tests done inside climate controlled building Time of Day to Take Pill -Pill taken same time after a meal Health Background(Pre-existing condition) -Ensure relatively healthy individuals Other Medication Interference -Random Selection