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Name: Neema Jamali
Name: Riddhi Rohit
Name: Carter Hill
Name: Kaitlyn Allen
Name: Crawford Pederson
Name: student


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: Dosage of lipopolysaccharide
Dependent Variable: Inflammatory response of the test subjects.

Experimental Design

We will have five separate groups of eight individuals receiving incrementally decreasing dosages by 2mg of lipopolysachcharides. (10mg, 8mg, 6mg, 4mg, 2mg)

Number of subjects per group
There will be 8 subjects per group in order to achieve a viable result, while staying within our limited budget.

We will do a preliminary blood screening before the subjects are given any lipopolysaccharides in order to establish their baseline level of inflammotin. Then each group will be given their respective dosages of lipopolysaccharide in the morning, prior to eating to avoid any reaction with the lipopolysaccharide. The subjects will have their blood redrawn six hours later. the six hours is for allowing the lippopolysaccharide to be digested and for time for the inflammotin to form. The blood samples will then be screened and the data will be collected and analyzed.

Subject Selection

The subjects will be selected by going to multiple college campuses in the Phoenix area including technical schools and community colleges. The subjects will be both male and female students of equal proportions. College students are the perfect subjects for a graduate student low on cash and their health can handle the induced inflammation better than of the elderly.

Sources of Error and Bias

A potential source of error would be if the subjects already had a pre-existing inflammatory condition. This can be controlled by having each subject take a background test in order to eliminate candidates that do have such conditions from the sample. Another error may be related to the high level of health that most college students possess and their high percentage of physical activity compared to that of most elderly citizens. Furthermore, another error would be if the students that are randomly chosen drink an excessive amount of alcohol.