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Name: Nick Vale
Name: Daniel McDermand
Name: Dylan DeBruin
Name: Matt Hanson
Name: Kirstin Peters


Descriptive Statistics

Oral Data: Minimum- 95.0 Maximum- 99.0 Median- 97.7 Mean- 97.5324242 Standard Deviation- .84480004

Sensor Data: Minimum-88.8 Maximum-98.2 Median- 95.3 Mean- 95.0818182 Standard Deviation- 1.84918524


Graphs and section completed by Nick


Null Hypothesis: There is no significant difference between the means.
Alternative Hypothesis: There is a significant difference between the means.
The very low p value calculated by the t-test suggests the inaccuracy of the sensor calculators because we can reject the null in favor of the alternative. There is an extremely small chance that the results obtained could have happened by chance assuming that they measure the same temperatures as eachother. his supports what was observed during the lab, where the sensors consistently measured 3-4 degrees below the oral.


Our experiment results showed that the oral thermometer was more accurate than the external sensor because of the lower standard deviation. The external sensors however still produced decent readings and would be a more convenient way to measure someone's temperature. Possible sources of error would be the placement of the external sensor because during the experiment, it would move and slide around which may have skewed the data and given a less reliable reading. Also, the phone lost connection with the sensor repeatedly and the phone tried to connect with other sensors that were in close range. This product can be improved by having a stronger signal connection and a sleeve that someone can wear so that the sensor does not move and stays properly positioned to give accurate temperature readings.


Target Population and Need

Wii and Xbox Kinect users. Our monitor will allow interactive gamers the ability to observe real time internal body temperature. During intense active gaming, users are often unaware of extreme flucuations in internal body temperature. This device will not only monitor real time temperature in gamers, but also give warnings through the connected gaming system when interal body temperature is too high. If internal body temperature is too high, the gaming system will automatically shut down.

Idea thought of by entire group.

Device Design

Bands Make Them Dance headpiece and plug-in console antenna for Wii

Bands Make Them Dance headpiece and plug-in console antenna for Xbox Kinect

Designed by Nick

Inferential Statistics

Section completed by Daniel and Dylan.


Section completed by Daniel and Dylan.