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Name: Dominick Cocciola
Name: Estefania Meza
Name: Hany Arafa
Name: Kristina Roscher
Name: Wendy Gray


Independent and Dependent Variables

(Identify the independent and dependent variable in the mini-problem.)

The Independent variable is the dose amount of lipopolysaccharide that is given to each subject. The dependent variable is the amount of the inflammotin that is present in the subject after the dose has been given.

Experimental Design

There will be 6 groups.

Number of subjects per group
There will be 10 subjects per group. Each group will have 5 female and 5 male subjects, age 65-70.

Each subject will come to a testing facility after not eating since 9 pm the night before to take their pill at 7:00 am every day for three weeks. At 8 am each person will take a blood test to test for the imflammotin protein.

Group 1 will be the control. They will take a placebo pill with no lipopolysaccharide in it.
Group 2 will take pills with 2 mg of lipopolysaccharide in each pill.
Group 3 will take pills with 4 mg of lipopolysaccharide in each pill.
Group 4 will take pills with 6 mg of lipopolysaccharide in each pill.
Group 5 will take pills with 8 mg of lipopolysaccharide in each pill.
Group 6 will take pills with 10 mg of lipopolysaccharide in each pill.

Subject Selection

(Discuss considerations of how subjects are to be selected.)
60 randomly predominantly white selected people from ages, 65-70. Must have a decent medical background. We will conduct a survey in order to determine each of the subject's medical history. All subjects must be living locally so they all come to the testing facility take the pill at the same time everyday(7:00 a.m).

Sources of Error and Bias

(What are some of the potential sources of error or biases that could affect your results and how would you control for them?)

Physical Activity - Active participants could have different occurrences of inflammation so participants will not be able to exercise during the experiment. However it would be important to check inflammation levels before running the trial to know the base levels of inflammation for each individual subjects.

Current Medication/ Pre-existing medical conditions - Participants will be screened for medications that can interact with lipopolysaccharide and will not be allowed to take any other anti-inflammatory medication.

Diet - We are attempting to control for the possible interactions of individual diets with fasting however there may still be an overall effect of diet.

Geographic Area - Our participants are being selected from a specific area (Sun City, AZ) so the results may not be applicable to other parts of country.