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Name: Rene Reynolds
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Descriptive Statistics




The T-Test showed a value of 8.048^-18. This p-value is way less than the 0.05 that is required, meaning that there is a very significant difference between the temperatures recorded from the oral and armpit thermometer. This means that the armpit thermometer is not very accurate, and would not be a desired product. Pearson' R value came out with a value of 0.0217. This shows that there is very little correlation between the oral thermometer and the armpit one. A design flaw that we saw is that the armpit temperature was very uncomfortable, very easily gave changing values (i.e. swinging of the arm drastically changed the reading), and it varied by where exactly the sensor was placed (i.e. higher or lower on the arm). Our group has decided that this sensor is not good and would like to propose a better one. The head seems to be where a accurate reading of body temperature can be read. Instead of going around with a thermometer in your mouth all the time, the forehead could give us an accurate reading as well. A sensor could be placed in the brim of a hat, visor, or headband, or sweatband. This would feel more natural, be less uncomfortable, and give a more accurate reading.


Target Population and Need

The targeted population is anyone who wants or needs to check their body temperature easily. This is a more fashionable and easier way for a variety of people, like athletes, to check their temperature.

Device Design

Senso Temp

Our product is a comfortable sensor that detects and measures body temperature through the forehead. This sensor can be found on multiple products that cover the forehead, such as hats, sweat bands, hair bands, and visors.

This product is different from the armpit thermometer in that:

1. It is more comfortable than medical tape which was used to keep the armpit sensor in place.

2. The test of our device is faster. With the armpit sensor, it took about 5 minutes to get a reading of temperature. Ours takes about 3 minutes which is equivalent to an oral reading.

3. Our device is more accurate than the armpit sensor. This is because there was a lot of variance as to where the armpit sensor could be placed on the arm. With our device it is placed in the same location due to proper wearing. For example, when a hat is worn, it rests on the forehead leaving no room for variance.

4. Our device also adds a sense of fashion and allows the user to express their individual style.

The sensor is located on the inner rim of the hat.

Inferential Statistics

Our forehead device is clearly more accurate than the armpit device. In comparison to the oral device, which is the most accurate way of measuring body temperature, our device readings come incredibly close.