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Name: Courtney Willson
Name: Ayanna Akinyemi
Name: Rene Reynolds
Name: John Jakoubek
Name: Mychal Hooser


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: Amount of lipopolysaccharide

Dependent Variable: Level of Inflammotin

Experimental Design


Number of subjects per group
10 subjects per group

Group 1- Placebo (0 mg of LPS)

Group 2- 6 mg of LPS

Group 3- 8 mg of LPS

Group 4- 10 mg of LPS

Group 5- 12 mg of LPS

Group 6- 14 mg of LPS

  • We chose above and below 10 mg of LPS because some people are more susceptible to change than others

1 dose a day for 30 days

Take blood sample twice a week for a month

Measure the amount of Inflammotin in the blood via ELISA

Compare results of groups 1 though 6. Graph the results of amount of LPS with the amount of Inflammotin in the blood

Using the graph, make conclusions about the effect of LPS on the amount of Inflammotin in the blood

Subject Selection

Age: 2 from 50's, 2 from 60's, 2 from 70's, 2 from 80's, 2 from 90's

Gender: 5 Females and 5 Males/Group

Weight/Height: 3 from below average weight, 3 from average weight, 4 from above average weight per group

Varying health conditions (some might have cancer or be a survivor, some might have heart problems, some might have down syndrome or other mental diseases)

Sources of Error and Bias

Time of day (Take medication and blood test at the same time of day) - inconsistency in results; allows for more control in data

Additional medications (Record any additional medications subjects are taking) - negate or enhance the effect of the drug